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secure your house sale.

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What is AssuredSale?


AssuredSale is the UK’s first property deposit scheme, designed to ensure completion of house sales between buyers and sellers.

Both buyer and seller simply submit a financial deposit at verbal offer


This deposit is held safely in a trust account with the Co-operative bank.  Your deposit is then returned when you reach exchange.  

The benefits for you...


AssuredSale secures your house sale or purchase, so you gain earlier certainty and trust.  It even protects you financially, giving you peace of mind.   

AssuredSale for sellers: helps increase the number of viewings and attract serious buyers

AssuredSale for buyers: you get to secure the purchase of your dream home

Don't just take our word for it...


"Those who agree to swap bonds through AssuredSale aren't likely to be time-wasters and speculators"

"AssuredSale could be the very platform on which houses are bought and sold in the UK"

"Initiatives such as those from AssuredSale could go a long way to bring greater transparency"